The Race
The Race

The party was spending a night on the town in Wyravan when they came across a rumour of pirate treasure. Always looking for treasure, they paid a visit to an old sailor, named Lerron, who claimed he knew the whereabouts of the final resting place of Captain Gerridan. The legend described to the players stated that Gerridan was an infamous pirate captain who found the greatest treasure known to any living person, the Atlas of Sails.

An eladrin ship captain known as Arlene Jeridis had also learned of this rumour and burst into Lerron’s apartment to swipe the map to Gerridan’s tomb. She quickly memorized the map, dropped it, and ran off into the city streets before the players could catch up to her. It had become a race to find the greatest treasure in the world.

The party quickly ran off to their ship, The Nimble Strumpet, and prepped its launch. They wisely kept their distance from Jeridis’ vessel, the Shadow Star. After a few days of sailing they arrived at Twin Falls Island, the location on the Lerron’s map. The adventurers waited until night fall and stole aboard the Shadow’s Star. A bloody fight raged on the deck against the mage Lieutenant and the night watch of the ship. Maira was feathered with numerous crossbow bolts and was bleeding out on the deck of the ship just as the rest of the party finally finished with the crew men.

After patching her up, they quickly subdued the rest of the crew, an easy task due to their lack of combat experience, and laid a trap for the return of Captain Jeridis. The morning came and with the party fully rested they realized the Eladrin pirate had not come back from her investigation of the island. They made plans to guard the new vessel with the crew of the Strumpet and set off to Twin Falls on a row boat.

They discovered a cavernous region in the hills on the island and plunged in. The party unwisely split in two directions. Tusks and Chalii had taken one direction but Chalii was quickly attacked by predatory slime. Meanwhile, Roark and Maira had discovered a pool that upon further investigation was filled with animated skeletons that attempted to drag them underwater. Both groups fought dangerous battles but managed to subdue their foes. Tusks and Chalii came up to a dead end and quickly doubled back. They met up with Roark and Maira just in time to find the burial place of Captain Gerridan.

At that moment, Gerridan’s Ghost appeared from his coffin and explained his story. He had found a map that would lead anyone to their heart’s desire. He was hounded by a strange woman and had built his secret tomb to hide it from her. As he completed the vault in which he stored his entire wealth, the odd woman found him and tried to seize the map. He fought her off but could not defeat her. Cleverly, Gerridan trapped her in the vault and sealed her up with his prized possessions. He then told the party that they must pass his test of cunning to be worthy of opening the vault and claiming the map. He explained that if they should fail they would end up like the three that came before them. The party’s attention was drawn to the fresh corpses of Jeridis and her men.

The adventurers were given three riddles that they answered successfully, and then marched straight into the vault. They discovered a genasi woman inside glowing with an otherworldly light. She introduced herself as Laur-Cial, a servitor of Melora tasked with the recovery of the artifact known as the Atlas of Sails. It was meant as a tool for Melora’s servants but it was foolishly lost centuries ago. Laur-Cial, being fond of chaos like her Goddess, challenged the party to a duel. If they won, they would each be given one use of the map, after this use they would have to return it to her. They agreed and the duel commenced.

Laur-Cial was a swift swordsman who was also empowered by Melora’s grace. She conjured blasts of wind and lightning to push the adventurers back. She also used her incredible powers to whip gold and treasure around the vault in an effort to knock over her opponents. In the end, the combined might of the party managed to defeat her and Laur-Cial let them leave with the Atlas of Sails in hand.

A recap

The adventurers began in the town of Lantern-Light and formed together as an adventurers guild. They did this in hopes of finding paying work, as well as a place to live. They’ve taken on a few minor jobs for the Church of Corellon, the shop owners Barnes & Stokes, and have even conducted a raid with the local thieves guild, the Blue Stars. They have cleared out an undead infestation in a manor located in town, defeated a necromancer under the crypts, wiped out a group of bandits, and have assassinated a cell of spies.

They have in their possession the Stein Manor as well as a schooner known as The Nimble Strumpet. Since acquiring their ship the adventurers dove into the shipping and smuggling businesses and headed off to the trade port of Wyravan in the Sea of Zephyrs.

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