A recap

The adventurers began in the town of Lantern-Light and formed together as an adventurers guild. They did this in hopes of finding paying work, as well as a place to live. They’ve taken on a few minor jobs for the Church of Corellon, the shop owners Barnes & Stokes, and have even conducted a raid with the local thieves guild, the Blue Stars. They have cleared out an undead infestation in a manor located in town, defeated a necromancer under the crypts, wiped out a group of bandits, and have assassinated a cell of spies.

They have in their possession the Stein Manor as well as a schooner known as The Nimble Strumpet. Since acquiring their ship the adventurers dove into the shipping and smuggling businesses and headed off to the trade port of Wyravan in the Sea of Zephyrs.



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